Do I have to get a $7 annual membership?

At NASKART memberships are required to participate in activities. When you activate a NASKART membership you are opening an account that keeps your liability waiver on file and records your racing history. While we know this is a new concept for many, we remind you that we are not a traditional trampoline park, but are a one-stop-shop for fun that incudes JUMP & DRIVE options.

What do I get for my membership?

The $7 membership includes either the required $4 jump socks or $2 head sock, free locker use, loaner shoes if needed, helmet rental, storage of race history & pro points information and member exclusive offers for one year.

Do I need a reservation?

Absolutely NOT. Online is booking is available but never required. We welcome walk-in guests for ARRIVE & DRIVE.

Why do I need to give you my email address?

Glad you asked, we will send you our monthly newsletter which will include member exclusive promotional offers, updates to our hours of operations and special events.

Why can’t I do back flips?

For safety reasons we do not allow back flips. The risk of injury in greatly increased by performing back flips.

Which track is better?

It’s really a personal preference. I personally prefer track (your choice). Both tracks are the same length with different challenges.

Which track has the fastest karts?

The karts have equal speed based on the pre-determined heat speed.

What’s the difference between Velocity & Light speed?

Velocity allows drivers with less experience racing high end karts or driving experience to race a slightly reduced speed. Light speed is a more competitive pace for drivers with experience racing and strong driving skill.

Is there a weight limit?

Individuals weighing an excess of 300lbs will affect the performance of the kart.

How fast do the Karts go?

We do not share Naskart proprietary operational or technical details. I can say our karts speed meet go-karting industry standards. The experience at NASKART is unique and the kart speed has been designed to meet the technical track design we offer on our multi-level elements.

Why is it so expensive to race?

Our pricing research has established Naskart’s total cost of racing is less expensive than our competitors within a hundred-mile radius. We also offer a unique blend of attractions that nobody else offers including, climate controlled building, food service, bar service, and additional attractions.

How long are the races?

Our races are formatted for the best lap time wins the race. Each of these racing heats offer an intense 7-minute experience.

Why is the racing only 7 minutes?

Our races are within the industry standard of average race length ranging between 5 to 10 minutes and has to be accommodating of the track design and racing experience.

What are the special requirements for kids?

All drivers must meet the minimum race height of 58 inches, have the ability to safely operate all vehicle controls and obey all safety directions.

Can I bring my own helmet?

Yes, please do! We want you as comfortable as safely possible. Naskart does require the helmet to be full-face, with a working visor (goggles Not Acceptable), and the helmet must be D.O.T approved.

How many drivers can race at one time?

Drivers per race can range from 1 up to 14 on a normal day utilizing an individual quarter mile track. SuperTrack days, featuring our ½ mile raceway, can accommodate as many as 28 drivers. Naskart reserves the right to increase or decrease those numbers based on driver safety.

Can I just show up and Jump or Drive?

Absolutely, Arrive & Jump or Arrive & Drive are our most common guest. We welcome walk-ins!

Do you have group rates?

Yes, please contact us for group rate information.

Do you have two-seater karts?

NASKART does not offer a two-seater kart at this time. Our track is designed to maximize the racing thrill based on single seater karts.

Can I walk around and check the place out?

Yes, we highly recommend it. If you go upstairs, you can view our awesome trampoline courts. That will lead you to our mezzanine to view the largest multi-level karting track in the world. Downstairs is our bar and café. Once you decide to participate, complete your waiver and Guest Services will be waiting for your setup your activities.

May I bring my own helmet?

Guests are welcome to bring their own helmets, however they must meet our safety standards by being D.O.T. approved and be full face with visor.

Advantages over gasoline powered karts?

High speed all electric go-karts offer a cleaner, no gas fume odor to their counterpart gasoline karts. They are also quieter, require less maintenance, and are better for the environment.